At La Maternelle French Academy we follow the guidelines set forth by the French Ministry of Education for public preschools in France. These giudelines outline milestones each child should reach as they progress on their journey of learning how to be a student before they reach the Elementary School grade levels.

Our role is to help your child learn to be a student. This is accomplished by focusing on five distinct domains:

  • Acquire language and discover writing
  • Become a student
  • Move and communicate with ones body
  • Discover the world
  • Perceive, Feel, Imagine, Create

Public school education in France begins at age 3 in the Petite Section (Small Section / Pre-K 3) and continues through the Moyenne Section (Middle Section / Pre-K 4) and Grande Section (Big Section / Kindergarten). We have expanded on this system to incorporate children as young as 18 months of age via our Creche (Nursery) and Tres Petite Section (Very Small Section).

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The emphasis of our program is on the acquisition of language and its development, the discovery of the world of writing and that of numbers, as well as learning to live together. Arts projects are also in the spotlight and are mainly used as tools for language development.

We also focus on pragmatic and hands-on activities that children do together in a small group. This way they use critical and creative thinking processes to learn from others and especially from themselves.

From Petite Section (PreK-3) through Grande Section (Kindergarten), children dictate brief texts to their teacher so they can see the correspondence between oral communication and written communication. Socialization and language are the key points of interest to this approach. Not only will the children continue to acquire strong oral foundations in French but they will build relationships and interact positively with others. We want them to be responsible for their own learning, as they work independently in groups.

At La Maternelle French Academy, what we mean by a “French Language Immersion Environment” is that the teachers and staff don't instruct our students in how to speak French. Rather, we speak French to them throughout the day. This allows the children to learn the language as they would in a French speaking region or family.

When students with no French background begin attending our school, the teachers use expressive body language to reinforce what they are saying in French

Active Teaching

Instuctors organize activities designed to develop the potential of each child in areas such as social communication, emotional, physical and intellectual development. We use a varitey of educational material and toys, adapted to the children's ages and interests. Each class has its own educational program.

Respect of a Child's Rhythm

Children play, learn and grow in a warm environment. Each child can learn at his or her own pace. They are never forced into anything, but rather encouraged. La Maternelle French Academy's goal is the welfare and happiness of the children.

Privileged Parent-Instructor Relationship

At La Maternelle French Academy, parents are encouraged to meet instructors regularly. Parents are welcome to talk not only with the instructors but with the other parents as well during Greeting Time. It is a special moment for exchange. Parents are part of La Maternelle's life.